NobelProcera™ is a single system with the power to meet all your needs and can deliver real business growth. Work with one secure full-service provider and experience the peace of mind that NobelProcera dental CAD/CAM can deliver to you.

Choose the predictability of certified and quality-assured products, manufactured according to medical device standards. Traceable material authenticity labels, an extensive five-year warranty, direct local support, numerous training opportunities, and leading material-provider partnerships, complete this comprehensive dental CAD/CAM package.

Their smile, your skill, our solutions. Realize every prosthetic possibility for your patients.



nobelprocera scanner The NobelProcera™ Scanner offers advanced and unique optical laser technology for highly precise data acquisition.
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nobelprocera software NobelProcera's intuitive 3D design software provides technicians with a vast range of design capabilities.
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NobelProcera's production facilities offer advanced production technology for efficiency, profitability, precision, and safety.
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Indications, prosthetic solutions and materials

prosthetic solutions

Gain prosthetic flexibility with NobelProcera's comprehensive range of cement- and screw-retained solutions, in a broad selection of materials.
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5year warranty NobelProcera™ products come with an extensive five-year warranty.
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